Aranews: Dozens of ISIS fighters surrender to the Kurdish Peshmerga northern Iraq

ERBIL – Dozens of militant fighters from the Islamic State (ISIS) radical group have surrendered to the Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga forces in northern Iraq, an official said on Wednesday.

The militants have reportedly surrendered to the Kurdish forces after fleeing their fighting positions in Mosul.


Peshmerga spokesman Qadir Qadir confirmed in a statement that dozens of ISIS members arrived on Wednesday evening to a Peshmerga-held area east of Mosul and handed over their weapons at a Kurdish security checkpoint.

“The militants had evacuated their strongholds in Mosul suburb and surrendered to the Kurdish Peshmerga,” Qadir said.

The official added that the ISIS dissidents have been transferred to a Kurdish security center in northern Iraq for interrogations.

“This indicates an apparent collapse within the ISIS military leadership in Mosul. The group will sooner or later fall apart. Corruption and brutality of ISIS commanders against the people have caused a clear state of mistrust between its members,” the Peshmerga spokesman said, adding that the Kurdish forces and allies will soon announce the liberation of Mosul.

In the meantime, an informed source in Mosul told ARA News that the group has moved a large deal of its heavy weapons from Mosul and sent them to Syria’s Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa, amid continuous advance by the Kurdish Peshmerga army and Iraqi troops in northern Iraq.

Reporting by: Sozbin Cheleng

Source: ARA News


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